Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Potomac, Maryland
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese

Junior & Senior ACRYs

American Carpatho-Russian Youth (ACRY) Chapter 25. The ACRY is our young adult and adult service and social organization. We have a Junior ACRY for our youth, ages 8 to 18 and a Senior ACRY for individuals 18 and over. Its purpose is to provide Orthodox Christian fellowship, religious inspiration and other support activities for the benefit of our church and diocese. The motto of the ACRY is “forever forward and heavenward.”

The Junior ACRY enables our youth the opportunity to become active members within our parish and throughout the Diocese. Some of its activities have been blood drives, baseball card shows, ski trips, Mother’s Day luncheons, bake sales and the annual sub sandwich sales.

The Senior ACRY provides the opportunity to promote our Orthodox faith through athletic and social events, community projects and fund raising activities. Its annual events include a “cash day”, the Right to Life March luncheon and the annual Christmas Cookie Sale.

These groups also participate in the National ACRY activities which include the national bowling tournament on Memorial Day weekend and the National Convention during Labor Day weekend. They also support the distribution of religious literature, provide educational support and encourage youth activities through their support of the National ACRY publication fund, scholarship fund and the Camp Nazareth fund.

ACRY Awards & Honors

The Senior ACRY has been recognized for its work and contributions to our church and diocese by being awarded the National Senior Chapter Achievement Award in 1979, 1987 and 1993. The Junior chapter was similarly recognized in 1991, when it was awarded the National Junior Chapter Achievement Award. In addition, individual chapter members have been honored as recipients of the National ACRY Individual Achievement Awards.